Fake Evangelicals

Historically Evangelicals were defined as Christians who adhered to the five basic tenets of our faith. First we believe that the Bible is the revealed word of God. That it contains the mind of God revealed to humanity. In it is the message of salvation which is the only hope of redemption and that it informs our faith and is our guide point and mainstay and our only source of divine truth. Second, Evangelicals believe that the miracles, sings and wonders recorded in the Bible actually happened, literally. Third, we believe that Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead. He was crucified on a cross where he suffered, bled and died, but on the third day, God raised him up. Fourth, we believe that through his suffering and death all humanity is saved from the penalty and control of sin. And finally, we believe that one day Jesus Christ is coming back again to judge the world in truth and righteousness.
This is the faith once for all delivered to us by the Holy Apostles which is recorded in our New Testament. This is the foundation which distinguishes us as Evangelicals. Yes I consider myself an Evangelical. And if you believe these five basic tenets, so are you! Number 45, the man who presently occupies the White House has redefined the word “Fake”. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines fake as “A person, act or thing that is not genuine, or authentic: a sham, a counterfeit”. Thus he has labeled every news report or article in print that exposes his hypocrisy, dishonesty and deception as fake. When the media exposes him for the liar and cheat that he is, he calls it fake. And the nimble minded, empty headed minions who believe him believe it. Now we have a group of people who claim to be Evangelical who support 45 and a disgraced judge in Alabama who is a candidate for the United States Senate.
Judge Roy Moore is a disgraced judge. He was removed twice from the State Courts in Alabama because as a judge he is sworn to uphold the Laws of Alabama and the U. S. Constitution. He did neither. When the State and U. S. Laws contradicted his personal opinions, he decided according his opinions not the laws. For that he was removed as a judge, twice. Yet he has emerged as the Republican Candidate for the United States Senate. But several credible women have come forth and testified on the record that as young teenage children, they were molested and groped by him who at that time, he served as the District Attorney. When confronted with these allegations, initially he did not deny them. He was so well known in his community he was literally banned from a local mall. This man is pedophile and a sexual predator. He was a 32 year old District Attorney sexually molesting teenage girls. Now anybody with half a brain would see this for what it is except the “Fake Evangelicals” who claim that this great Christian Judge is under attack by a hostile liberal news media and powerful political enemies.
Nothing could be further from the truth. We object to him becoming a United States Senator because he is a sexual predator, child molester and pedophile. Aside from his politics, he has no moral authority. As a judge he once ruled that a rapists and sexual predator could use an innocent victim’s sexual history in his defense. These Fake Evangelicals should be ashamed of themselves. But you know it really shouldn’t surprise us. These are the descendants of those misguided people who attempted to use Christianity to justify slavery. They actually convinced themselves that the Bible taught them to be racist. And 45 have no moral authority to even speak on the matter given his history of sexual molestation and abuse. I’m just saying.